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Shed Stories

For years my lovely wife has wanted a set aside place where she could write, create & explore the world that lives in her expansive imagination. We’ve tried a desk wedged into a closet, IKEA tables jammed into room corners and the occasional camp-out at Starbucks. (The library was too sketchy) None of these gave the privacy or allowed her creativity to breakthrough. On top of the highs & lows of being a writer, I’ve watched her fight against her own environment. Have you ever felt called to do something but can’t find the when, where or how to do it? The passion inside of you is fully alive, the drive within you is ready to launch but you’re constantly contending with your surroundings.There has to be a better way & we’ve decided to try and find one. Our solution…
Create a personal space where creativity thrives.
Create an isolated space where the calling comes to life.In other words…
We’re gonna build a shed.
We’re gonna build a shed and we invite you to come with us.
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