Welcome back everyone!
To catch up on how we got here, check out Shed Stories Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. We have a shed. I’ve come out to just look at it. It’s amazing. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t here and didn’t take up 75% of our thoughts. Now… decisions, decisions, decisions.
We picked a waterproof flooring, Outlets with USB plugs, Sherwin Williams White Dove and an indoor heating/cooling unit. I tried to discuss furniture but… we didn’t get far. Sigh. Finish Her.
The crew arrived to put the livable touches on the shed; insulation, drywall, ceiling, etc. Looks like the assembly was the easy part. This part should only take a few days if everything goes just right… but it didn’t. The crew was about to add the ceiling but we wanted to see the trusses; you know… the big triangle pieces in the roof. Only problem is, we didn’t tell them that. “STOP!!! So, listen…” After a short meeting and “slightly adjusted timeline” we have our partially exposed trusses.
Prayer Time.
After the crew was done we brought the kids in to write scriptures and pray over the shed. We missed the concrete… we’re not about to miss this.
We each grabbed a spot and wrote out God’s word. It may look easy but it was surprisingly difficult to write on plywood with semi-aged children’s markers. I’m looking at those longer verses like… “Babe, you sure about this long one. Oh, Ok.” *gets back to writing. But, we got it done. We prayed one by one and thanked God for this new space.
It was a pretty cool moment. Join us for Shed Stories Part 5:
What should we do with the trusses? Leave them, stain them, paint them?
Next week is painting and we’re having second thoughts. Is all white gonna be to cold?
Still no progress on furniture. Anybody got any ideas? Please! – N
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