Welcome back everyone!
To catch up on how we got here, check out Shed Stories Part 1. We’ve made some major progress towards getting my lovely wife a dedicated space for her writing to thrive and come alive. But with great progress comes great frustration! Our HOA requires certain documentation before work can begin so looks like I’m heading to the County. After 2 days of back-and-forth with the county we finally got our building permit! Boom baby!! (Almost needed 2 permits – more on that later) We sent the documents over to our HOA & our newly hired contractor, Patrick Bailey, owner of Renovated By Bailey. Before we knew it, the work had begun. Step 1. Goodbye Old Shed.
Remember “almost needing 2 permits?” While getting approved to build the new shed I mentioned that the old one would be demo’d. Big mistake! The woman replied, “Well, if you’re demoing the old shed I need to check to see if you need a Demo Permit. I’ll be in touch.” Wait! No! I’m sorry! Pushed over, not demo’d! Pushed! Argh!! What have I done?! By God’s grace my 20 year old, rusted, mouse trap of a shed didn’t need a Demo Permit. Whew! Fast forward… and right before my eyes, some dudes came and threw the old shed away. Yup. They didn’t push it over. They picked it up. Picked it up and threw it away.
Step 2. Hello Ground Issues.
Problem. Where we want the new shed has a crazy slope. Our backyard is more built for BMX than a peaceful writing shed. If we level the ground we have to create a wall to hold the dirt back. I don’t like it but I don’t really have a choice. Patrick recommended we build a small platform off the slope with a short wall. Sounds easy enough, right? That’s what we thought, till they built a dam of dirt and brought in a baby AT-AT. The concrete truck arrived and out came… a baby AT-AT.
It gathered the concrete and then Imperial Death Marched up my yard until it crushed the rebel scum. Sorry, got carried away. But it sure was cool.
Here comes the concrete.

It’s a little baby AT-AT!

After the slab was poured by Darth Power Buggie, the men added brick to the front and sides. It gotta tell ya. I like it. I really do.
She a Brick…. Slab…..
Join us for Shed Stories Part 3:
The playground is still in pieces. I think I’m gonna win the playground battle.
What should we write in the wet foundation? Super excited about that.
Will the Tuff Shed be delivered before the rain comes?
– N
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