Welcome back everyone!
To catch up on how we got here, check out Shed Stories Part 1 – 6. Now that we’ve got some momentum things are happening.
And drumroll please… ??
For the second week, the shed was dry. Time for the finishing touches. We’re researching a smart lock, security camera and path to get to the shed. I’m thinking about flagstone path from the house to the shed. Cool It Down.
We went with a “DeLonghi Pinguino” for heating/cooling. (I don’t know who to say either of those words) It’s a free standing smart unit with an external vent. It should heat/cool the entire shed with no problem and stay relativity quiet. After install, we ran her and Whoa Baby… cold and hot air immediately! We’re in business.
More Bricks.
We have a solution for the water pooling on the deck. We’re gonna lay more brick at a 2% slope away from shed. The angle will allow the water to run off but we shouldn’t really feel it under our feet. The team came in and knocked it out. Bricks here, bricks there and we were done. It turned out amazing. If it wasn’t for a level I wouldn’t even believe it was slopped.
The final product is here.
The brick almost feels like a cap on the slab. Everything from an external perspective is done. What a ride! The only things left are interior items; pictures, layout, furniture. Speaking of furniture, we have movement! Many of you gave suggestions on our last post and we went with a combination of Pier 1, Wayfair and Amazon. The best part, Dede picked the pieces herself!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow….. Join us for Shed Stories Part 8:
I hope the DeLonghi works as advertised.
What happens if the sloped deck doesn’t work?
Furniture is on the way. Can’t wait to see it. – N
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