Welcome back everyone!
To catch up on how we got here, check out Shed Stories Parts 1 – 4 We thought we’d be painting but… we hit a problem. After a heavy rain we’ve discovered some water damage. Ugh! The shed has 4 transoms (I didn’t know that word till now) on the back wall and apparently they are not as water tight as they should be. We’ve got several pieces of brand new “not-so-drywall” near the floor and all progress has stopped. Water, Water
Ever heard the sayings, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” & “Never take the first offer?” Well, I have and I’m glad I did. We called Tuff Shed about the leak but due to COVID they won’t be able to come out for a few weeks. Yeah… that doesn’t work for me. So, do I use the years of emotional intelligence training or just go Full Linda. I went somewhere in the middle and…
*pause for effect
…someone was out in 2 days. Won’t He Do It! 2 They resealed the windows and that did the trick. But the water issues weren’t over.
Water, Water Everywhere
The brick slab was poured with a 2 ft sitting area. Well, we didn’t slope it so about 2” of water just sits there. Other shed owners made the same mistake and now have to squeegee the front of their shed every time it rains. Yeah, I’m not about that life. Patrick is working on a solution that will drain the water but still looks great.
A minor setback, yes… but still minor. Another few days of dry weather (and dry drywall) and we should be back on schedule. Join us for Shed Stories Part 5:
What if the shed leaks again?
What are we going to do about the front deck area?
When we can paint should we go with our original colors? – N
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