It’s been 35 days since my last post and boy have things changed!

Let’s see… Where do I start…?
Well, since we’re in the 4th (and final post) of How To Reach Your Goals I guess it’s only fitting to say; “WE DID IT!!!” Our Big Crazy Goal of 2017 just went down-down-down like The Red Knight. (some of you won’t get that till later)

As of today – the Nesbitt’s are booked and paid in full for our first family TransAtlantic flight and Airbnb stay in Paris, France. We are so stinking stoked!!! If you hear nothing else I say – hear this – Nothing fires you up to reach your goals like reaching your goals. Now that this is done there is literally nothing we can’t do.  There’s something about kicking in the door and taking your goal’s lunch money that makes you feel like a bucket list bully. That’s my new nickname #BucketListBully

So, without further ado, let’s talk about Step 4 of How to Reach Your Goals.

Execute Your Goals

If you’re following along with us then you have Identified Your Goals, Prioritized Your Goals, and Reverse Engineered Your Goals.  All that is left is the final and most terrifying step, Executing Your Goals.

Up until now you’ve been planning and setting up your preferred future. You’ve run your list through the filter of your vision, decided what to do when and then made a step by step plan on how to get it done. After months, sometimes years, of planning and diligent faithfulness to the cause, the time has come to execute, to strike. The goal is right within arms reach and it’s time to move. Like a coiled snake, waiting for his prey, the art of execution must be mastered or all your planning and patience will fail right before your eyes.

The truth is anyone can set a goal. While only a few actually plan for them even less execute them.

Executing your goals is the willingness to use the plans and preparation before you to take action.


There are two main execution failures:
Jump First – Look Second & Analysis Paralysis

Jump First – Look Second
One of the biggest execution failures is to leap before you look, aka Jump First – Look Second. The excitement of the moment, the ability to finally reach your goals can blind you to the final preparations needed to make the moment everything you’ve waited for.

You’ve saved the money for your dream vacation, finally got the interview for your dream job then you click on the first link you see or show up unprepared.

Right before you execute (make the payment, join the team, give the speech) you must make sure you’re ready to research and make any quick, last minute adjustments to your goals.

You may have the arrow pulled back and target in sight but if you don’t adjust for the wind you will miss every time.


We were ready to book our flights to Paris with a plan in hand. The NesBabies were flying with SkyMiles but we discovered you don’t get miles when you fly on miles meaning they would miss out on 8,700 miles. Well, that’s a game changer. We quickly had to figure out a plan B. 3 hours later, 1 45 minute phone call and countless text messages we were back on track and all booked. If we jumped the gun and launched into the first thing we saw we would have made a huge mistake and regretted it deeply.

Analysis Paralysis
The second execution failure is Analysis Paralysis. That’s when you over-analyze, or over-think, a situation and a decision is never taken. You become so frozen by the options that you are paralyzed.

It’s often right at the final stages of reaching your goals that the options can slowly suffocate you. So overwhelmed by the fear of making the wrong decision, we can make no decision at all. FOMO -Fear Of Missing Out – will cause you to second guess every decision and choke the life out of the goal within your reach.

To overcome Analysis Paralysis you must focus on what you know you want. What, at the core of your goal, is the most important element. Focus on that and use your wants to filter out your options. Yes, this city is closer and thus cheaper but does that fit into the core of your goal of seeing the world without fear? Yes, the travel job pays more but does it support your core goal of growing in influence in the marketplace while supporting your local church?

Move forward by taking a step back and focusing on what you already know you want.


When it was time to pick a place to stay in Paris we had no less than 93 Airbnb Rentals to choose from. 93. I don’t know about you but 93 is real close to 100 which is real close to ∞. It was overwhelming. Which one is in the best location? Which one is in the best neighborhood (Arrondissement)? Which one is near the best grocery stores? Which one is….!!!!!?????? To overcome the Analysis Paralysis we had to focus on what we knew we wanted. Focus!!

We know we want the 3rd or 11th Arrondissement – even though that Flat in Champs-Elysées is beautiful and possibly within budget. Focus!!
We know we want 3 bedrooms – even though this 2 bedroom for the low is looking really good. Focus!!
We know we want an entire home – even though – even though – even though. I say again – Focus!!

It took months of planning, hours of research and endless (and I do mean endless) conversations, disagreements and compromises but WE DID IT!!!

We identified, prioritized, reverse engineered and finally executed our goals. If we can do it – I promise – you can too.

Go be a #BucketListBully


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