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Our Story

The story of Neslandia is an average one.

Boy lives in America.

America shuts down.

Boy assumes control of the nation. Renames it to Neslandia.


On September 30th, 2013 by public declaration Avery Nesbitt posted the following status (Preamble to the Neslandian Constitution) on our great nation was born.


Overnight the 14 founding members joined together and formed the first Neslandian Cabinet.


Avery Nesbitt – President of Neslandia

Dede Nesbitt – Head of Joss Whedon’s Shows before America was ALL about him

Dede Nesbitt – Eatery Chancellor

Dede Nesbitt – National Travel Czar

Megan Loving – National Travel Czar Tester (*Resigned as Neslandian Slacker)

Joshua Edmonds – Commissioner Ministry of Funny Walks

Andrea Long – Secretary of National Beauty and Tiaras

Amy Kelly – Sergeant Major of Backhands

Elizabeth Gonzalez – Secretary of the State (2x Days a week)

Becky Russell – Chief Of Public Organization

Mandi Skostrom – Neslandia Chief Baker

Jose Ferrell – Director of ZACH (Zombie Apocalypse Crisis Headquarters)

HL Deatherage – Director of Pets (C.O.P.)

Doug Day – Ambassador to Georgia (the State, not the Country)

Nidya Gonzalez Castellanos – Homeland Security Official (Immigration Division)

Aline Mello – Gov of State of East Savannah 


Since that faithful day Neslandia has been through many test and trials but our people are strong, brave and straight-up awesome. We are Neslandia and we are MIGHTY!


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