Welcome back everyone!
To catch up on how we got here, check out Shed Stories Part 1 & Part 2. So, since we last talked the dirt dam was built, slab was poured, brick was laid and…
we missed the window to write in the concrete. 🙁
We walked over and she was dry as… well… concrete.
The kids were with me and everything. Super sad actually.
And… the playground still lives. *moment of silence I guess the kids “need somewhere to play.” Psh. When I was their age I played with a water hose and a broken Slinky. We asked the guys to help us move it. To be honest, it looks pretty good there. Turns out she was right.
In other news… the shed is here and she’s ____flat. She’s Here.
Tuff Shed sent two men out to build it, in their words, like legos. The shed was unloaded and laid across my lawn like a giant puzzle. They painted and assembled it right before my eyes. It was amazing to watch. It looked so simple yet so complicated. Before I knew it, 4 walls and a roof were up!
I can hardly believe it. We have a shed! Inspection Time.
After they finished (plus 3 hours – more on that later) they asked us to “inspect it.” So, I did what anyone would do. I walked around the shed with my arms crossed saying, “Looks good.” Luckily, Spiderman and my lovely wife came to do a real inspection. Remember the plus 3 hours? When the shed was completed they realized they forgot the door. 3 hours later, no kidding, they returned to assemble the final piece. La Pièce de Résistance.
Ladies & Gentlemen… we have a shed (and a door).

The Shed + Door

Join us for Shed Stories Part 4:
Now we have to decide: *deep breath – flooring, outlet types & placement, paint colors for wall & trim, heating/cooling solutions, etc? *Lord help us
When should I begin the conversation about furniture? Too much and I run the risk of Dede saying, “I don’t know. I’m going upstairs.” *Real talk – N
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