As you may remember Dede and I had a private photographer meet us in Paris and create memories of a lifetime. For the pictures scroll down…. For the backstory read on.

In prep for Paris I researched a photog. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I didn’t expect a 20 minute session at the Eiffel Tower to be $300. Longer sessions at multiple places were upwards of $600-$1,000. Yeah, no!

Then I found it! EverPhotoshoot. They provide a professional photographer for a 2 hour session across multiple stops – For Free. You only pay for the photos you want.

We meet our photographer, Sasha Mngn, and instantly loved her. She is a sweet, fun and energetic woman with an eye for the perfect shot. She took us to beautiful places and took some beautiful photos.

Here are a few of Sasha’s photos…

Arc de Triomphe



The Louvre




Thank you Sasha for helping make the memories last forever.


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