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by Melissa Landers

My DW and I were discussing my 12 Books in 12 Months and I love books but admittedly haven’t read or even sought out a good non-leadership, non-business, non-self development book in a while. I wanted to include a fiction, fun read but I needed something published this year and it was only January. Hmm…

She recommended a new release, Starflight, by Melissa Landers. I’d never heard of either but the author described the book as “Firefly” meets “Overboard” (the 1987 Goldie Hawn classic). Stop! You had me at “Firefly” but now I’m intrigued. I pre ordered and waited with anticipation for it to arrive.

Day 1 – I jumped in and it felt like I was learning how to ride a bike again. There were no notes to take, no lines to highlighted, no tweets to share.

“Real Leaders lead while others only follow – @RandomAuthor #Leadership #NeverStopGrowing”

How am I supposed to do this? What have I done? What do I do with my pen?

But then it happened. I don’t know what authors call it. “The shift”, “the moment”, the “WHATTTTTT!!!” But I was all in. (Update: I’ve been told it’s called “The Hook.” Uh. Go figure)

Without ruining the book – The main characters enter into an unthinkable and [insert open mouth emoji] situation out of nowhere. I didn’t know whether to root for the one and despise the other or despise the one and cheer for the other. (There’s something in the bible about that – but I digress)

Within minutes of reading I was IN. And not just, good article in Real Simple IN but “I’ll be up in a minute” IN, “I’ll turn the light off right after this chapter” IN, “Daddy, they’re honking at us again” IN.

My 3 Word Review was Pure Sci-Fi Gold.

If you’re looking for a book to transport you to the edge of the galaxy and leave you wondering ‘what are we gonna do NOW?!” then this is the one. If you’re looking for a book to remind you that there’s more than achieving, striving and development, that there is still lots of fun to be had, then this is 100% the one.

Get it. Don’t read it. Devour it. You will be a better person for it.

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