Packing for a big trip can be a beast ….

  1. Reckless Wishful Thinking
    You tell yourself you’re going to pack and it’s gonna be an almost spiritual experience. It will be done three weeks in advance and carefully stored in the car. They will tell stories about this legendary packing. The delusional confidence runs deep.

  2. Spelling Test Mentality
    You slowly realize you haven’t even started. Most of your clothes are still begging to be washed and your luggage is buried in the coat closet. Once again you know you’ll end up just like that spelling test, up all night, cramming. You promised yourself you’d do better but you can already see yourself stuffing shoes in a bag as you drive down the Peach Pass lane.

  3. Devastating Reality
    Your worst fears are upon you. You leave tomorrow and you haven’t packed. Your empty suitcase stares, mocking you.

  4. Brain Meltdown
    You forget how to do… basically everything. Counting is a thing of the past. You’re using your fingers to determine how many days and nights you’ll be gone. Is it three days and four nights? How much underwear is that? HOW MUCH UNDERWEAR IS THAT?!

  5. The Departure
    You’re finally packed, ready to go and are fully convinced that TSA is gong to find a 12-pack of lighters in your bag and you don’t even smoke. They’re going to unpack your bag and you will never, and I mean never, get it back together again.

  6. Uncontrollable Rage
    You’re ready to go but you can’t find your phone. You just had it. You absolutely don’t have time for this. You’ve looked everywhere, asked everyone and prayed. Did you pack it, do you dare peek in the suitcase? Seconds before your anger becomes blind fury you realize it’s in your hand.

Bonus Stage.
You Made It! You’re at the airport. You have overcome in Jesus’ name.

Did you bring your charger? Probably not.
Photo Credit – Andrew Stawarz

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